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About Nieberding


Gauging Systems for Your Success


Our vision is to support the global activities of our customers with highlevel gauging solutions and qualified customer services.


The Nieberding Company was formed in 1977 in Kaarst, not far from Düsseldorf. Nieberding is very proud to have a long gauging history. Since 1977 the company has designed and provided more than 28.000 Gauging solutions for our customers and partners.


We are one of the world leaders in high precision gauging technology.


Since 2007 Nieberding grows to become a system supplier. Now we offer our customers a combination of advanced qualified products, market knowledge, project management and commitment to a long term global partnership. Since 2010, Nieberding moved intensively into the growing market of inline machine gauging and automatic measuring machines.


Together with strong partners we can offer our customers a full package of industrial gauging solutions. 



Our philosophy is easy to understand and our highest requirement:


Nieberding is Quality. And Quality is your Success.



Where to find us:




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