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Dear customers, suppliers and business partners,

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,


The Corona Pandemic has had a major impact on the economy. This has also affected the industries in which Rudolf Nieberding GmbH and HP Metec operate.


But in every crisis there is always an opportunity.


Since 1991, HP Metec has been developing and building high-quality measuring systems for measuring geometric dimensions and form and position tolerances for shafts, wheels and complex special components.


Rudolf Nieberding GmbH has been a leader in the field of pneumatic measuring technology, measuring devices, machine measuring technology and automatic measuring systems since 1977.


Both competences complement each other well. Therefore, HP Metec and Nieberding have intensified their cooperation during the Corona crisis.


To optimize this, Mr. Henk Pronk, owner and managing director of HP Metec has transferred the brand, intellectual property and technology to Rudolf Nieberding GmbH.


This is a strong expansion for Nieberding's portfolio. From 01 August 2021, Nieberding will continue to supply HP Metec products in the usual quality and the spare parts supply for HP Metec customers will be guaranteed.


Of course, Mr. Henk Pronk will remain active in an advisory capacity.


We would be pleased if you continue to place your trust in the HP Metec brand in the future.


Best Regards

Jürgen Güsgen

CEO of

Rudolf Nieberding GmbH


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